How to Be a Good Leader


It doesn’t simply matter if you think that good leaders are born and not made. And neither does it matter if you hold on to the contrary view. One fact you can’t play down or ignore is that leaders like Rome cannot be built in a day or overnight if you like it. Delve into the background of any leader living or dead, and you’re likely to discover that the individual has had to slog for years to make it to the exalted position with diligence, patience, and discipline serving as keys to success.

Even if you’re confident that you’re destined to become a leader and a good one at that, then you’d have to hone your latent talent or skills. Besides that, you’d need to observe and stringently abide by certain rules. Here’s looking at some of these golden rules:-

  1. Be a good listener-It take two to speak, always. If you wish to be heard by others, then you should be prepared to listen to what others have to say.
  2. Know when to stop-Knowing or rather developing the judgment of realizing when to stop speaking is as important as understanding what to say.
  3. As a leader, you need to learn how to follow-If you want to be respected as a leader, you should also have to sometimes let others lead. To put it simply, you should be humble enough to allow take a vanguard position.
  4. Develop passion for whatever you’re doing-You can look forward to becoming a leader even if you’re selling peanuts or working as a cobbler. Develop a passion for whatever you’re engaged in and be determined.
  5. Learn to take decisions-fence-sitters never made leaders, let alone good leaders, and they never will. The ability to take decisions both on the spur of the moment and after careful consideration is a quality that almost leaders possess.


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